Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas For All Year Long

If you’re coffee obsessed you’re going to love these ideas from my farmhouse coffee bar! If you’re working with a small space like myself, check out below the must haves to also create a diy coffee bar cabinet area in your kitchen.

When my husband and I first moved into our new home, we had such a small space in the corner of our kitchen we had no idea what to do with. Since my husband was originally the coffee drinker in the house, I had the idea and to turn it into a farmhouse inspired coffee bar space specifically for him so our kitchen counters wouldn’t be cluttered with more appliances and decor. Hope this gives you some ideas for your farmhouse coffee bar for a small spaces.

Please note this post contains affiliate links. Many of my exact items are locally handmade from boutiques, so I linked many other similar items in which I may or may not earn a comission from.

Ideas On How To Create A DIY Farmhouse Coffee Bar

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1) Find a Small Corner of Your Kitchen

Coffee bars don’t have to be huge. In fact, I think a small coffee station is best. They look cute, compact, and everything is right where you need it. Take our kitchen for example. We had a small awkward space between a wall and window in which we didn’t know what to use it for. I found a small hutch off of Facebook Marketplace, and added some wood shelves above it, and just like that, the kitchen felt complete!

If you don’t have an extra space in your kitchen, take a look at your countertops. Is there an empty space you’re not using? Is there a space on your counters you don’t actually need there 24/7? (ie: drying rack, appliances) Once you access your area, it’s time to take charge!

2) Clear The Space

Get rid of whatever you’re not using to help make room. Clear the space by moving things on the counter around, putting that extra appliance away, and just rearranging so that you have a dedicated area to a coffee machine. Make room for your adorable soon to be coffee station!

3) Stock It up

Now comes the fun part. Let’s start adding all of the at home coffee bar essentials.

  • Mugs: For my coffee bar, I keep decorative mugs on it all the time, but change them up depending on season. However, this monogram mug is my favorite and perfect for all year round! I actually do have a coffee mug cabinet in the kitchen where most of our mugs are stored since we have so many.
  • Coffee beans/grounds: Whether you chose to display your beans and grounds or not, you’ll definitely want something to keep them in. I personally don’t like the look of the bags they come in so that I can match my kitchen, so I opted in to go with this small coffee container. If you actually want to see the beans or grounds, I recommend going with something glass like this coffee bean holder.
  • Coffee Pods: If you also like to use coffee pods, you can easily display them with any of these organizers in the same area, or in a cabinet/drawer if it takes up too much space.
  • Coffee filters: I know these probably aren’t the prettiest to leave out, but unlike me, you can always opt in for a coffee bar filter holder!
  • Tools: I don’t know why, but this is probably one of my favories. Maybe because I somehow make tools look like decor in a weird way. Different types of tools I added to my small coffee bar was a coffee syrup dispenser, measuring spoons, and a cream pitcher. I also recommend adding a frother as well.
  • Sugar: If you like a little sweetener in your coffee, definitely grab a small jar to store it in for easy access!
farmhouse coffee bar small spaces, small coffee station idea

4) Add Textures

One tip I have for anywhere in your home to make something look higher end, is to add texture. If you notice on my coffee bar I have different textures all over. Wooden shelves with black metal accents, (similar to the ones in my bathroom), stone textured containers and planters as well as ceramic pieces. It just adds a lot of interest to the space!

5) Personalize It / Add In Decor

My favorite part is of course adding in the decor after getting the essentials. A few ways I added decor and personal touches to my coffee station was adding a plant, my own personalized coffee mugs, a fun metal coffee bar sign, and a candle. Of course you can always add whatever you want to your coffee bar.

coffee station kitchen

I hope this post helped give you some farmhouse coffee bar ideas or for a diy coffee bar cabinet! Whether you have a small corner, or a large counter space, this should help you fill it up regardless!

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