Charleston Trip Itinerary: What I’d Do Again If I Only Had One Day

My husband and I visited Charleston, SC last year for the first time. We absolutely fell in love with it’s charm and everything about it. As my family gets ready for our upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks, I wanted to show them around and bring them on a day trip to Charleston. This is the exact route I plan to use to show my family around the beautiful city. Charleston is only a little over 2 hours south of Myrtle Beach, so it’s perfect amount of driving time for spending one day in Charleston.

Although my husband and I stayed in Mount Pleasant and would visit Sullivans Island for beach access, we drove over the stunning Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge everyday to get into the city. The beaches are gorgeous, but today is city itinerary only.

Here are the things I would do again on a day trip to Charleston, SC.

One Day Trip To Charleston Itinerary

Almost everything we did in Charleston was walkable! Charleston Bike Taxi is a unique way to see the city, or Uber or Lyft is also another great option to get around. Here is a great itinerary that is all within walking distance I would do again in order of the map below. As you can see all of the things I loved the most about Charleston are perfectly close together!

one day trip charleston itinerary
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King Street Shopping

King Street is pretty much like the 5th Ave of NY. You can find tons of designer stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, a Yeti store Love Shack Fancy, and smaller local shops as well. Brace yourself because it stretches almost the entire length of the city of Charleston. My personal favorite store where I you can make your own candles, and they had a candle Library wall was Candlefish.

day trips to charleston sc
one day trip to charleston

Miller’s All Day

Yes, you’re reading the name correct! This place serves adult beverages all day. The Nutella cream filled donuts and breakfast chicken sandwich on a biscuit really drew me to this place. It’s a Charleston Hot Spot, So I’d recommend going early!

charleston one day itinerary
one day in charleston

French Quarter

Take a nice stroll around one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Charleson. (Well, in my opinion) It’s one of the most romantic parts of the city with cobblestone streets, colorful architectural homes, it’s within perfect walking distance that will also bring you right against Waterfront Park.

day trip to charleston sc
day trip to charleston sc

French Huguenot Church

On your way to the French Quarter, you most likely cannot miss French Huguenot Church. It’s a beautiful pink church with stunning architecture. They sometimes do tours as well. But I think it’s at least worth passing by its beauty.

day trips to charleston sc

Waterfront Park

In Waterfront Park which is apart of the French Quarter, you’ll find Charleston’s iconic Pineapple Fountain. There is also a beautiful park with walkways filled with oak trees that meet against the Harbor. On a hot day, you’re able to walk into the fountain and cool off too.

day trip to charleston
charleston itinerary one day

Rainbow Row

Walk 7 minutes a bit Southwest of Waterfront Park, and you’ll come across Rainbow Row on East Bay Street. This is a must see spot when in Charleston as this is what the city is most known for. A beautiful row of 13 colorful pastel houses. Surprisingly when I went, there were only about 3 other people. It was not as busy of a spot as I had planned for it to be.

one day trip charleston sc

The Battery

Just another 7 minute walk South of Rainbow Row, you’ll come across High Battery Park at the most southern point of the island. The Battery was used as a defensive seawall during the Civil War and is full of beautiful and stately Antebellum homes. With a very large park, and multiple cannon structures facing the water, this is surely a photo op location.

charleston itinerary
charleston one day trip

Charleston City Market

I’m going to add this to my list because I think it’s something unique Charleston offers, but there is an entire street dedicated to vendors selling goods and services every single day. If you’re following the above map it would be a great starting point. I would probably pass the next time I go just because I wasn’t interested in the products at the time. But it’s very cool to see!

charleston day trip

If you have extra time or a few days the College of Charleston is beautiful, and also take a stroll around the Harleston Village neighborhood. The houses around there all have the beautiful Charleston charm!

day trip to charleston sc


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