Porch Ideas: Front Door Decor For Summer

If you’re looking to decorate a small porch area and your front door for summer, I’ve got you covered! Decorating my porch for summer has got to be a favorite of mine. Heck, actually all the seasons for porch decor is my favorite.

Adding colorful flowers in pots is a huge perk of having warmer weather when starting to decorate your front door area for Summer. It also becomes the time of year where you can really sit outside and enjoy the decor, porch furniture, and have a cozy outdoor space. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more relaxing to me than sitting outside on my front porch on a gorgeous summer night.

Today I’m sharing what I’ve included on my personal front porch and around my front door. I’ll also share a few other ideas for front door decor for summer that you can recreate as well.

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front door decor for summer with door wreath

Similar Doormat | Area Rug | Welcome Sign | Door Wreath | Planter | Lantern | Similar Table | Wall Lamp

Adding a wreath to your front door: It dresses it up and is a timeless, welcoming touch that sets the tone for your entire front door and porch area. It’s such a simple, yet impactful way to make your entryway stand out.

Doormats for your outdoor space: This is one way to really express your personality through your home! They can either be funny, full of floral design, have cute images of dogs, or just plain simple text saying “welcome”. Either way, it’s a must have

Add texture with an area rug: Ever since I added a large outdoor area rug to my front porch, it changed the entire vibe. It made it so cozy, more inviting, and gave the space some depth. I personally love this exact rug due to the texture, but since it’s no longer in stock I’ve found a similar option!

Planters and flower pots: No matter the season, always make sure to add some sort of greenery around your door. It’s an excellent way to bring some color, and life to the space. In the water I like to add little evergreen/pine trees. In the Fall I add mums, and in the Spring/Summer, I add a ton of color with flowers.

You can add an array of planters and flower pots with multiple heights and sizes to create visual interest.

Decorative accents: One of my favorite pieces I love adding to a front porch area are lanterns. They add a nice decorative accent and there’s so many different styles you can go with that would fit the vibe you’re going for.

Adding a welcome sign: This is something totally optional and I think it will really depend on your style. I added one because it added height around my front door. It’s not necessary if you don’t want to add them, though.

Other Ideas For Front Door Decor For summer

Welcome Outdoor Sign | Rattan Plant Stand | Welcome Mat | Area Rug | Table | Mini Lantern | Ceramic Vase

This front door decor for summer is super welcoming and trendy! With different heights, textures and designs, it’s sure to catch the attention of any of your guests! It’s giving major gardener vibes!

Floral Green Wreaths | Welcome Mat | Area Rug | Lanterns | Flower Pot | Faux Fern | Wall Lamps

This front door decor idea screams elegant and timeless. It’s perfect for any neutral lover, and pleases the eye with it’s beautiful balance.

Welcome Sign | Door Wreath | Welcome Mat | Flower Planters | Wooden Crates

This classic front door decor for summer has a unique spin with the crates adding different level of height for the flowers.


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