outdoor dining table decor ideas

Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Your Patio Dining Space 2024

In this post, I’m sharing all my essentials for outdoor table decor ideas that will inspire you to create your own outdoor dining space with style, but also nothing over the top. Whether you prefer a rustic, bohemian vibe or a sleek, modern aesthetic, there’s a little something here for each style.

When the warm weather arrives, it’s the best time to start hosting gathers and dinners outside and enjoy the warmth of the evening sun. Whether you’re having barbecue for dinner, a casual brunch, or Italian meal for dinner, table decor is something that can always set the mood and scene!

outdoor table decor ideas for patio dining

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Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Your Patio Dining Space

My husband and I built our own DIY patio a few years back because we really wanted a space outside where we could relax and eat and enjoy the weather while outside on a gorgeous Spring or Summer day.

When I started envisioning what I wanted for my outdoor dining space, I knew I wanted to stick with neutrals. I started the base of our dining space with the chairs.

patio table decor idea

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outdoor patio decor idea

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I absolutely fell in love with these gorgeous rattan boho/modern chairs and knew I had to have them. They are so comfortable, lightweight and have held up really well.

There were so many options of dining tables I could go with, but I ended up finding a black wrought iron table for an amazing price! I love that it accents the black on the chairs.

Dining Chairs | Dining Table | Umbrella | Umbrella Stand

Any outdoor dining space wouldn’t be complete without some sort of shade or covering. By using a (super affordable!!) 10 span foot umbrella, it not only covers our entire dining space, but gives the rest of our patio lots of shade in the evening as well! 10ft span isn’t actually as large as it sounds once you have objects underneath.

Outdoor Dining Table Decor Idea Setup

So now I want to actually talk about the table decor and essentials you should include in your table setting! Here’s what I included in mine, and links to each product. I have tons of other great options also linked below!

outdoor dining table decor ideas
outdoor dining table decor ideas

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When setting up your dining space, here are the essentials I recommend for a beautiful, yet functional space:

1) Placemats/Chargers:

The focus point of the dinnerware setup. I really do feel like these could make or break a space!

2) Fun Summer Plates:

There’s nothing more than can bring tons of personalty to your tablescape with bright summer plates!

3) Drink Dispensers/Stands:

Perfect for large group settings and parties, pitchers are definitely the way to go to in order to make larger batches of drinks on an outside table or indoor countertop.

4) Utensil Caddys

I find that these make it just so much easier to take everything outside in. Just keeping it all organized and staying together. Plus, this way napkins also don’t have to go flying.

5) Pitchers and Carafes

I personally love these for group settings, and making a large batch of my own iced coffee at home! My husband just calls them “vases”, but I think they make my coffee or your dinner outside feel a bit more elevated and fun.

6) Summer Drinkware Designs

What’s summer without either bright colored drinking glasses, or something with a summer design? I love these options!

7) Centerpiece

Finally, finish off the space by adding greenery, a candle, or some sort of centerpiece for the the table!

This is everything I recommend in order to create your own outdoor dining table space where you can either entertain guests during the summer for parties, or just have your own family dinner at home!


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outdoor decorating ideas for patio table

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