What's serenaajoyce?

serenaajoyce is a fashion, home, lifestyle and travel blog here to inspire, and a resource for new ideas whether thats in your own closet, home, or just new things to try.

About Me

Hey! I’m Serena. I’m an iced coffee, Philly based, Target loving, momma-to-be and wife who loves sharing boho farmhouse home decor inspiration, and casual fashion. On this small corner of the internet, I also love sharing everyday lifestyle products and habits as well as reviews of my travels when I can. I am always constantly creating and brainstorming new ideas to share. I cannot sit still and hate being at home all day. My goal is to inspire you and share new ideas! I'm striving to live every day on purpose and for a purpose. As Francois Rebelais' last words stated, "I go to seek a great perhaps.

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