Travel Baby Nursery Theme: Boho Gender Neutral

Looking for baby nursery themes that are boho and gender neutral? Check out this travel themed nursery with neutral boho decor for both baby girls and boys.

baby nursery themes that are boho and gender neutral

Travel Nursery Theme: Boho Gender Neutral

Congrats! If you’re reading this post you’re probably pregnant and looking for some gender neutral baby nursery themes. How exciting! When I first found out I was having a boy, I knew I wanted to go with something gender neutral like either green, brown, or blue for the walls, but wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Something that is near and dear to my heart is travel. When searching for baby nursery themes, I realized a travel themed nursery is something I had really never come across before. My style is a mix between boho and farmhouse, and based upon my current likes, we went a little bit more on the boho gender neutral nursery side.

Gender neutral nurseries have become so practical in today’s society, especially if you’re planning on having more kids. There’s not too much you will need to do besides maybe update a few things if that. For our boho gender neutral nursery I went with a deep blue color to represent an ocean tone, not necessarily because I was having a boy, but since our nursery was travel themed, I liked incorporating an ocean-like color.

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Everything Used In Our Travel Themed Nursery

baby nursery themes - boho gender neutral nursery

Similar Crib | Baby Blanket | Crib Sheet | Boppy Pillow | Crib Mobile | World Map

I had no idea where to first start out with the nursery. I decided to first find a crib I liked and then base everything else around matching the crib. I ended up going with the MYLLRA crib with drawers from Ikea. I fell in love with the wood rails, knobs and the contrast of the white around the rest of the crib. The fact that it has storage drawers too was a plus for more storage and organization.

Finding a travel themed nursery crib sheet was hard. To start off, I went with this Honest brand one. I love that it was also Navy and matched the accent wall. Nice and soft too! I’ve found that you can find a ton of cute gender neutral travel themed crib sheets here on Etsy!

boho gender neutral nursery - travel themed nursery

Right away I knew I did not want to do a name sign above the crib. I feel as thought it’s so overdone. I wanted to do something a little unique, and went with a modern white metal world map wall decor art. It contrasts perfectly against the dark wall, and was perfect for decorating a boho gender neutral nursery.

travel themed nursery

Wood Crib Mobile | Mobile Stand

I went with a bohemian wood mobile with some color that also felt Gender Neutral! I also bought the mobile stand seperately.

Another accent wall I wanted to create was above the changing table. Let me first start out by saying our changing table/dresser is custom made and refurbished by The Mint Leaf. They are local outside of Philadelphia and really added the perfect touch to our boho gender neutral nursery.

travel themed nursery - boho gender neutral nursery

Changing Pad | Changing Pad Cover | Wipe Warmer | Diaper Caddy | Photo Frames | Positano Coast Print | Paris Print | Amsterdam Print | Turkey Print | Japan Print | Santorini Print

To match the crib, I added these natural wood frames that I framed gorgeous handmade artwork in. These photo frames are perfect for literally any neutral space! They basically act as a blank canvas. They can be stained, painted, texturized or left as is! The fact that they were the perfect size and relatively affordable for all 6 to create a statement wall above the changing table/dresser was perfect.

My absolute favorite thing about our baby’s nursery theme is by far this artists’ prints from Society 6. She has tons of cute animal artwork, city artwork, jungle themed and more! I loved that it added some color to the space, and was toned down/pastel to my liking.

baby nursery themes travel boho gender neutral

Photo Frames | Positano Coast Print | Paris Print | Amsterdam Print | Turkey Print | Japan Print | Santorini Print

I wanted something fun behind the frames so I created a herringbone accent wall that matched most of the colors in the travel themed prints. I only need a small sample paint color can from Lowe’s which cost under $5.50. You can view a short video of this project here!

Next to the dresser/changing table you’ll also find a fun airplane propeller clock, and wooden wall hooks where we hang some dirty clothes, or outfits for the following day.

baby nursery themes - travel themed nursery

Airplane Clock | Similar Wood Wall Hooks | Changing Pad | Changing Pad Cover

When you first walk into the space there is this weird little corner wall that kind of just sticks out. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the little area until I found little boho natural wood corner shelves in the Target Dollar Spot. They were $5 each, and I love that I am just able to display some fun things in the room based upon the changing of the seasons. The shelves can be seasonal, so keep an eye out for updated ones each season at your local store.

boho gender neutral nursery - travel themed nursery

Olive Plant | Similar Rattan Plant Stand | Similar Corner Shelves

I also added a plant below to add some color. I found an olive tree plant under $50 and loved the vibe it added. The plant stand is from another local home decor store.

Across the room we turned it into a little reading nook and feeding area. Here you’ll find some natural wood wall shelves used for books. I love that they can be flipped either way. For one of them I loved the idea of using these metal clip ring hooks to be able to hang my son’s hats from.

travel themed nursery - boho gender neutral nursery

Sea Life Baby Mat | Wooden Gym | Hanging Toys | Blackout Curtains | Rocking Chair | Boppy Pillow | Side Table | Standing Lamp | Book Shelves | Blue Boat Rug

The room we were using for our travel themed nursery was very small, and with the size of the crib we knew we wouldn’t be able to fit a swivel/glider chair, so instead we went this boho rocking chair. It is the perfect size for our small space, and not too uncomfortable for feedings.

boho gender neutral nursery theme

Rocking Chair | Side Table | Standing Lamp | Green Throw Blanket

Above the chair you will find practical floating wood bookshelves. What really drew me to these was that you could install them upside down as well. For one of our bookshelves we installed it upside down so that I was able to add some round hanging clips for hat storage.

boho gender neutral baby nursery themes

Book shelves | Wooden Train | Metal Ring Hooks

I wasn’t sure at first if it was going to be necessary to have a side table in the nursery, but I’m SO glad we have one. This side table is nice and large, I’d be lost without it. I use it for placing his sound machine, formula dispenser, burp rag, and bottles for the night. It’s a great place to place my phone during feedings next to me.

baby nursery theme - boho gender neutral

Side Table | Sound Machine | Wooden Toy Train

To accent the dark blue accent wall, I did end up going with navy blue blackout curtains. It really adds a pop against the white walls, and natural wood tones everywhere else. Lastly, I also recently just added this flush boho rattan light to complete the space!

baby nursery themes boho

Boho Rattan Ceiling Light

Overall, if you’re looking for gender neutral themes for a nursery, try something that’s unique and not so overdone! Make it your own, but also have fun with it.


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