All About LTK Con 2022

What is LTK Con?

You may have a heard a lot about it & be asking What is LTK Con? LTK Con is the annual blogger conference hosted by LTK and other major brands in Dallas, TX to celebrate influencers and content creators. LTK is a Dallas based company that owns a shopping platform called This app allows shoppers to screenshot an Instagram post of that cute outfit a girl is wearing, or a gorgeous home decor setup and be able to shop that image right in the app when it appears. LTK also helps connect influencers to major brands to work with for partnerships. LTK allows me to earn commissions through affiliate links, directing people to shop my looks on the app, or be paid a flat fee for brand partnerships.

How To Get Invited to LTK Con

The conference is mostly based on performance, which means the top earning 300 influencers from the 250,000+ that are creators on the app are invited. Typically these are people earning 5 figures+/month. This has been a huge goal of mine for years! I was invited due to my sales performance, consistency of sales, a high conversion rate, high quality content with my potential for my businesses to grow larger. I sometimes still can’t believe I was able to attend, and remember when I got my email invite I literally ran to my husband office and started jumping up and down. Of course he had no idea what this was haha.

What Happens at LTK Con?

The 3 day conference is full of brand meetings, networking happy hours, events/parties, and courses and classes throughout the day to help grow your business even more. Below are some of the brands that will be attending and sponsoring this year’s conference, with whom I will have one-on-one meetings with!


Also, think of this conference as probably the most boujee event you’ll ever see online. It is an instagrammers dream with flowers, backdrops, parties every day, rooftop pool decks, high end hotels, red carpet events and more. This is the kind of event you will see larger bloggers like Champagne and Chanel, Loverlygray, Dani Austin, Thesisterstudio way more attending. Sometimes I can’t even believe I’m in the same boat as these girls.

Each day of the conference is jam packed with a full schedule. I am so excited to have the learning opportunities to hear from famous speakers and influencers. These classroom sessions are on many different topics that are more personalized towards what you’re looking for, while the larger broader sessions, are for more updates and general information to learn. Below are also some of the featured speakers who will be teaching classes, and that we will hear from.

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what is ltk con

I am so excited to learn new ways to grow my business, connect with brands, and make new friends! Traveling here alone is giving me a lot of social anxiety, but I know in the end that this is for me, and it will be 100% worth it. I am excited to implement what I will learn and hope to find continued success in my career. I will definitely make sure to write a follow up post, or add to this one after conference!

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