Neutral Fall Home Decor Ideas from Target

I love the change of seasons simply because it almost makes me feel like I have a completely new home. Some subtle natural elements and neutral Fall home decor such as throw pillows, blankets, and figurines can change the entire vibe of a space for a few months. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons to decorate because it feels like an eternity that nothing was changed around in the home and I love making the house feel cozy. Adding all the warm tones, breathing in Fall scents, and getting ready to sip some yummy drinks and eat apple cider donuts makes me so happy.

Every year one of the places I love to look first for neutral Fall decor is Target’s Fall home decor section. They’re one of the few stores that have swayed away from farmhouse, and follow the seasonal trends. I absolutely love all the muted tones and natural elements. Check out some of these decorating ideas below which are all shoppable! Just click on the small photos for direct links. Please note I use affiliate links meaning I may or may not make a commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.

Neutral Fall Living Room Decor From Target

Neutral Fall Decor For Anywhere – Target

Boho is really in right now, and the textured decorative pumpkins are probably my favorite item to sprinkle around the house. I also have such a love for Hearth & Hand Fall stems I just want to put them everywhere. And lastly, you can also never go wrong with buying more Fall candles, and new vases to add to your home every year. 

Snag some of Target’s Fall decor below before it sells out! 

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