How To Transition From Summer To Fall Outfits in 2022

I love the time of year where we transition from summer to fall outfits. My mind is in the Fall spirit, yet it’s still warm enough outside to enjoy the weather and outdoors. What I also really love about this time is getting to change up my wardrobe a little bit. Combining two seasons worth of clothes into one outfit, and allowing me to get creative with light layering.

Today I’m sharing some casual fall outfit ideas that will help you transition from your summer outfits to fall outfits that you can start to wear as you had back to school. These are also acceptable for warmer months like August and September and were all inspired with Amazon pieces.

Casual Transition Outfit From Summer To Fall

Recreate this look from Amazon below:

What screams Fall about this outfit to me is the dark colors like the gray oversized tee and black jeans. I added some browns, gold, and light neutrals to brighten it up with some contrast which adds a little more interest. I also believe that when you add suede booties and a hat to any outfit that tends to lean a little more on the Fall side. If you’re not quite ready for jeans yet, I would recommend using some shorts, but by still adding a hat or boots with the look, it will have you looking like you’re ready for Fall!

Dressy/Casual Summer To Fall Outfit

This summer to fall transition outfit includes a black dress, leather jacket, white mules, cream hat, and beige crossbody.
Recreate this look from Amazon below:

For this next outfit, I took my favorite versatile black dress, and turned it into a Fall outfit. I love that this is a dress I can wear all year round, but when pairing it with a dark leather moto jacket, and mules, it instantly took the summer look of this tank dress to Fall. Adding this hat also dresses it up a little bit more. This is the time of year where I wear hats the most!

Hot Weather Fall Outfit

this late summer early fall outfit has a black bodysuit with ruffle sleeves, zip up suede skirt, white booties, and a white hat
Recreate this look from Amazon below:

This next look is the perfect hot weather fall outfit. This would be great to wear when it’s still in the 70’s and 80’s! With a mini skirt, and ruffle short sleeve bodysuit, this shouldn’t make you sweat at all. Although a mini skirt and bodysuit are summer pieces, what takes this outfit from summer to fall is that the skirt is suede/brown, and we added some white booties instead of using a summer piece like sandals. Of course, I had to add a hat for my personal signature!

I hope this post gave you some easy fall outfit inspiration to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall! Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means I may or make not make a commission on purchases at no extra cost to you.

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