Spring Summer 2022 Sandal Trends For Women

With the first day of Spring being this week, one of the things I look forward to most is is switching out my winter boots for some fresh Spring shoes. For those hoping to get ahead of the wave of it’s not too late to start your shopping for the latest Spring/Summer 2022 sandal trends for women!

Over the years, I personally think white shoes have made a comeback and I love how bright they make an outfit feel. You’ll notice all of my favorite Spring 2022 Shoe trends consist of white.

 Spring/Summer 2022 Shoe Trends – The Biggest Footwear Trends in boots, sandals, flats and heels

Spring 2022 Sandal Trends: Leather Heels/Sandals


If you’re looking for comfort in your spring and summer sandals, then look no further! Leather straps are in I personally love this shoe trend for Spring 2022 because they are made from memory foam and puffy, so they aren’t harsh against the skin. These heels make walking a breeze, and extremely comfortable no matter which height you choose.

Spring 2022 Sandal Trends: Braided Sandals/Heels


I love that the braided shoe trend can go either way as well with shoe height. Whether you’re looking for a pair of heels, or sandals, you’re most likely going to see this 2022 shoe trend in either category. You’ll also find that the majority of braided sandals and heels are also made from the faux leather trend as well! I love these sandals because they just scream beach vacation to me, and are a simple, yet cute Spring sandal.

Spring 2022 Boot Trends: Western Boots


One trend I can’t help but notice, as we head into Spring are cowgirl/western boots. This was something I noticed that evolved in the Fall to wear dresses with, and is coming back as the warm weather emerges. You can find them in short and knee high lengths with many different patterns and designs. I went pretty simple with these boots and went more Western than Cowgirl, but these will sure make a statement to any outfit you wear this Spring!

Spring 2022 Boot Trends: White Sneakers


I love dressing down an outfit easily with a pair of slip on sneakers– especially with dresses. They make an outfit feel much more casual, and also give it an edgier vibe as opposed to feeling feminine with sandals, booties or heels. I am also loving white sneakers like these with star designs on the side for a little something extra. Wear these with anything in your closet for something that will transition your outfits into Spring, and still keep your toes warm!

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