5 Simple Ways To Make Your Shower Feel Like A Luxury Spa

I don’t know about you, but a luxury shower is one of the most important parts of booking a hotel room for me. There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as feeling like you’re at the spa when you’re in the shower of another location. Imagine stepping into your own bathroom and being transported to a realm of serenity and simplicity. However, not all of us have the time or budget for frequent spa visits or hotel stays. The good news is that you can bring the spa experience right into your home by transforming your daily shower into your own luxurious spa retreat. With a few simple and affordable adjustments , you can turn your own bathroom into a tranquil oasis of relaxation and self-care.

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Read For The 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Shower System Feel Like A Luxury Spa

1) Add A Spa Like Rainfall Shower Head

12 Inch All Metal Dual Square Shower Head Combo, Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld

At the heart of any luxury spa-like shower lies a state-of-the-art shower head. One of the best ways to achieve this is by going with a large rainfall shower head system. This 12×12 rainfall shower head from Amazon with a 15” extension arm from the wall is extremely affordable for the size, quality, and demand.

I can personally say the pressure is fabulous, and love that is comes with handheld wand with stand. Installation was under 5 minutes, and it is also a standard size shower head, meaning it will fit into almost an existing shower head you currently have.

2) Wall Shower Dispenser System

Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser | 3 Plastic Amber 3 Wall Mount Black

Elevate your shower routine with a selection of quality bath products that pamper your skin. Add your selection to these aesthetically pleasing refillable looking shampoo/conditioner/soap bottles with stainless steel dispenser wall attachments. Ever notice when you’re in a high quality luxury hotel room, that shower pumps are attached to the wall? It’s an extremely affordable upgrade to make to your shower, and easy to do! I purchased this set off of Amazon. It came with adhesive shower glue, and adorable labels to put on the bottles.

3) Add Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Capri Blue Pura Smart Diffuser Kit – 1 Diffuser + 2 Fragrance Refills

To truly recreate the indulgence of a spa, add the power of aromatherapy in your shower. This Pura smart wall diffuser has a sleek, simple high end design and works from an app on your phone. Envelop yourself in soothing scents to promote tranquility, or embrace the calming aroma of eucalyptus. I personally love adding Eucalyptus because the greenery really adds a beautiful touch. Shower steamers infused with essential oils can also transform your shower into a fragrant sanctuary of relaxation.

4) Use A Curved Shower Rod

Moen Brushed Nickel 5-Foot Curved Fixed Mount Shower Curtain Rod

Curved shower rods create additional space inside the shower by curving outward. This extra space makes the shower feel more open and comfortable, allowing you to move around more freely. It eliminates the cramped feeling often associated with standard straight shower rods, providing a more spa like experience. Many high-end hotels and spas use curved shower rods in their bathrooms. By incorporating this shower rod that I used, you can replicate the ambiance of a luxurious hotel or spa.

5) High End Shower Caddy

Shower Organizer [5-Pack] Shower Shelves for Inside Shower Adhesive Shower Caddy

One way I made my shower have a luxury spa like feel was by removing everything off of the sides of the tub part and the shelving already in the shower. I added this 5 piece shower caddy that matches the rest of my hardware to the opposite end of the more aesthetic items like the rainfall shower head and Eucalyptus, so that way it out out of sight from those items. Doing this made everything feel more organized and everything is now in one confined space. Plus, no more weird residue under the product sitting on the shelves. The shower/tub actually feels clean and simple.

With just a few thoughtful touches, you can transform your daily shower into a spa like experience that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and a renewed sense of well-being. Making time for self-care is essential in today’s fast-paced world, and turning your shower into a spa retreat is the perfect way to indulge in some much needed “me” time. Let go of the stresses of the day, step into your own private oasis and enjoy your new luxurious shower upgrades on a budget.

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