Halloween Dessert Table Treats

Although I’m not a food blogger, I wanted to share how you can recreate my Halloween Dessert Table tray for this year’s Halloween party. These spooky, no bake desserts are so cute it will be hard to want to eat them!

Prepping for treats for parties of one of my favorite steps in the planning process, and this mini, fun halloween dessert table was the talk of the party last year! You can grab mostly everything you need from Amazon here, but I’m going to go in depth a little more in depth with these Halloween treats!

This posts goes over how to make Spider Peanut Butter Cups, Zombie Rice Crispy Treats, Marshmallow Bats, and Ghost Graham Crackers. This post also contains affiliate links meaning I may or may not make a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you.

What You’’ll Need For These Halloween Dessert Table Treats

easy halloween dessert table treats

Mini Twist Pretzels
Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats
Food Dye
White Chocolate Pretzels
Chocolate chips
Graham Crackers
Edible mini candy eyeballs
Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups
White Icing

Not only will you just need all the food essentials, but don’t forget the aesthetic serving board to display your halloween desserts! I love this marble and wood one. I also added a few cute bats and pumpkin decor to the counter.

How To Create The Treats For Your Halloween Dessert Table

Spider Peanut Butter Cups:

Break off little pieces of your pretzels to create the curved legs. Use little dabs of icing on one end of the leg, and where you want to place it on the peanut butter cup as glue. Then stick the pretzel leg on and let dry. I also used icing to attach the candy eyes as well.

Zombie Rice Crispies:

Take your icing and add food die to create your preferred colors. I did orange and purple for Halloween. Then glaze over top, and add on your candy eyeballs.

Marshmallow Bats:

I personally think this was the most fun Halloween dessert, but definitely in the hardest. Grab the Oreo Cookies, and only rip off the chocolate outsides. Break those in half so you have a half moon shape/bat wing. Then melt chocolate chips in the microwave until liquid form. Spread melted chocolate overtop of the marshmallows. While making sure the chocolate hasn’t hardened yet, grab 2 of your batwings and place your marshmallows on top and press a little bit so they stick. Eventually the chocolate will harden making the wings stay attached. Lastly, add your candy eyes to the front.

Ghost Graham Crackers

Definitely the easiest of these no bake desserts. Start by breaking your graham crackers at the seams in the cracker. Use what’s left of your melted chocolate chips, grab a toothpick and create little faces with wide, vertical mouths.

Finishing Your Spooky Halloween Treat Display

Lastly, to fill in some extra space around the board, I added in extra full size Oreo cookies, the white chocolate covered pretzels, as well as as some Halloween fun shaped pretzels.

To make the countertop look nice, is when I added in the bat decor, and vase filler.

I hope this easy Halloween Dessert Table impresses your guests at your next Halloween party!

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