Cozy Holiday Outfits 2020

 The holidays may look a little bit different this year while we’re staying safe at home, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t wear cute things, right?! 

90% of the time you will find me in loungewear, and even more so now since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. I’m here today to share a few comfy, and cozy holiday looks to wear around the house this season, and not feel embarrassed by walking outside to grab the mail!


I’m so glad matching sets have become a trend again over the last year or two. For awhile it was trendy to wear mis-matching sets around the house and to bed, but wearing a cute matching set just feels right too.

I’m personally not a huge fan of buying items that I might only wear once a year, or a few times out of the season, therefore I love the idea of a matching set that can be used all Winter long. Of course, this means finding pajamas that look holiday-ish and somewhat spirited, but also won’t look out of season once January and February come.

It’s even more fun when you can also get a set to wear with the whole fam! My cozy thermal pj set is from Target for only $25, and reindeer slippers are from Amazon.


Flannel shorts are a must-have staple in any girl’s winter wardrobe. They are a piece that just never goes out of style, and you can find them almost anywhere! I’ve had a few for years that I just wear over and over again. There’s also something that just feels free and cozy at the same time about wearing a sweater with shorts. Plus, I love all the fun prints and winter colors you can find them in now!

Today, I experimented with print mixing, and paired mine with this silky lace trim cami. The red and the polka dots really gives the look some extra holiday flare. Over top of that, I added a cozy sherpa cardigan. They are insanely soft, cozy, and a great piece to take you through the chilly winter months. Even if you’re not into the sherpa vibe, any oversized cardigan would work!

I finished the look off by adding a chunky knit beanie for a fun, warm added touch!


If you’ll be spending time at home during the holidays, but also still want to feel cute and festive, get a pair of printed thermal leggings. It’s a great time of year to change things up a bit instead of wearing your typical solid black! These also make such great gifts for others. 

There is also almost an endless amount of options you have when finding something to pair with your leggings. Any sold top that is either a neutral, or matches a color in the print will suffice! I always find any white top to be the easiest, but went for this baby pink colored plush top to accent the pink in some of the trees design.

I think plush is such a fun fabric for this time of year. It reminds me of sherpa, but yet it’s even silker! It glides through your fingers so nicely, and is a bit thinner. 

Lastly, I added some thick cozy slippers and a warm scarf to complete the look. All wonderful gift ideas, that make outfits even cozier.

Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s post and for your continued support! Cheers to a wonderful holiday season!

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