3 Fall Winter 2022 Must Have Cheap Shoe Trends

Fall and Winter Shoe Trends For 2022 might be my favorite yet! In this post, I’m sharing the best of the best, and must have boots and shoes styles this season at an affordable cost. They’re all relatively cheap at under $100!

Some of these shoe trends have been popular previous years, and have slowly made their way back, and some have really just started to recently evolve. Since Fall will be coming to an end, and cooler temps will quickly be approaching, I will mostly be focusing on what shoe trends you’ll see a ton of this winter.

I like that all of these are completely different from each other, and can be worn so many different ways depending on your style.



I don’t know how or when, but clogs are really making a huge comeback this year in 2022. I remember wearing them back in 2007 when I was in middle school, and one day we just never wore them again haha. I think clogs made their way back around this year just from having the mule trend take over the past 5 years or so that they eventually kind of morphed back into the round clog shape with chunky soles. You can wear this pair with just about anything. I personally think they look best with staight/cropped jeans, skinny jeans, sweatpants or leggings. I opted in for a sherpa pair for all the cozy vibes.

Heeled, chunky clogs are also in! These look great with any jeans, plus dresses! I like that some of them have the sling back to keep my foot from popping out.


Lug sole and chunky heeled boots have started to trend over the last 2 years. You probably noticed it in hiking boots, sherpa boots and combat boots. My favorite thing about the Chelsea style boot is that it’s none of those things. Since they don’t have laces, they’re easy to put on, and they feel like a mix between a combat boot and a regular bootie. Chelsea boots also typically have the goring/ribbing detail on the side of them as well.

You can typically wear these with just about anything. Depending on your style I think they look so cute with dresses and ribbed midi skirts. As we head into colder weather, I’ll probably just style them with jeans and leggings.

2022 fall boot trends chelsea boots


To be honest, I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the western boots shoe trend at first. I live in a more urban suburb in Pennsylvania, so wearing something like this just didn’t seem authentic. Eventually I caved when I made my trip to Texas for LTKcon (You can read more about that here), and bought my first pair which were these fun, sparkly cowgirl boots.

winter shoe trends 2022


Boots | Hat | Bracelets | Similar Dress

Cowgirl boots are coming in all sorts of different heights, shapes and sizes, and look good with just about anything! I think tall ones look super cute with dresses! You can see how I styled a version here in the Spring before they were as popular as they are now. Below I’m sharing a few different styles that are a bit taller and come in different heights. Click any of them for product details.

And that’s a wrap for 3 of my must have shoe and boots trends for Fall and Winter 2022. Check out more of my favorite shoe finds on my LTK shop! @serenaajoyce

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