The Best Prenatal Vitamins I Used To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

I cannot believe that I am already in my 4th month of pregnancy so far and how healthy my pregnancy has been! I wanted to share a few reasons why I think I am having such a healthy pregnancy and what prenatal vitamins I used to get this far in hopes that it can help other women out there as well!

Prenatal vitamins are so important to start taking early so that your body already has the nutrients it needs.

Steps I Took To Have A Healthy Pregnancy and What Prenatal Vitamins I Used

Obviously the first step I took was ditching birth control. Towards the end of my journey on the pill, I realized how unhealthy the pill is for your body. Back at the end of October I decided get off the pill and look for a supplement to take instead so that my body could be ready for whenever conception happened. We had started talking about trying, and knew this was the right decision I had to make for myself.

Right away, I started taking Beli Baby Prenatal Vitamins for both Women AND Men. The main component that attracted me the most to Beli Baby was that both my husband and I could take them at the same time to help boost each other’s fertility and get the vitamins we need for a healthy baby. 

Beli Baby Prenatal Vitamins also had all the ingredients I was looking for in a prenatal. Another step I took was to make sure my prenatal especially had Folate to help reduce miscarriage. Folate is a natural vitamin unlike folic acid. I also looked for Iron, Calcium and all of the Vitamins A-D.

I truly think having the Folate over Folic Acid was especially helpful. Having all of this in my system 6 months before conception was extremely helpful, and made a healthy baby from the start.

My diet is not always the healthiest, so getting these vitamins daily also has helped contributed to having a healthy baby. Now that I am currently pregnant, I have also changed my diet around while being on prenatal vitamins to help keep getting more of these nutrients to grow a healthy, and strong baby.

If I hadn’t take many of these steps, I’m not quite sure what my pregnancy would look like. It’s not something I really like to think about, but I am truly grateful to be where I am now, and have everything going so smoothly. 

Beli Baby was kind of enough to provide a discount code that you can use if you’d like to try them as well! Use code SERENA15 at checkout for 15% off your prenatal vitamin order.

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