3 Denim Trends To Try in 2022

As a millennial myself, hearing that the jegging going out of style absolutely breaks my heart. Feeling like you’ve finally found your denim style is like finding your go-to drink at a coffee shop- once you’ve figured it out, you don’t want to change it. 

For the first time in about a decade, denim fashion is changing and heading in a wider, loser, direction. In today’s post I’m going to share 3 denim trends for 2022 that I’m personally loving! You may be asking yourself… Are skinny jeans still in style? The good news is that skinny jeans is still one of them. Just with a twist. 

3 Denim Trends And Fashion for 2022 – Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style?

Denim Trend #1: The Skinny Crop

I’m going to get the skinny jeans out of the way and start out by saying that if these are your go-to denim fashion, that the skinny crop is one of the top denim styles in 2022 according to an e-mail blast sent out last month by RewardStyle/LIKEtoKNOW.it. 

I personally love this style because of the rips at the bottom giving them the cropped a-symmetrical hem, but also still feeling long enough for me so that I’m not too far out of my comfort zone To all of my skinny jean lovers, this one’s for you!

Denim Trend #2: The Ankle Straight 

Just one fit away from the skinny jean, the straight jean is probably my favorite jean trend out there right now! It’s enough to still feel like the fit of a skinny jean being tapered around the thigh and leg, but also  perfect to fit in with the loser, wider, trend we’re seeing. The straight jean does come in regular lengths but the cropped style is a better fit for Spring and Summer to help stay cool. 

These jeans look best with heels, mules, or sneakers. Almost any top can go with this style all year round! 

Denim Trend #3: The Mom Jean

The last jean trend for 2022 I currently own is the mom jean. It’s a high-waisted, loosely fitted jean that hugs all your curves in the right places. This room-y silhouette can be hard to pull off, or uncomfortable at first, but my best tip is to pair it with a slim fitting top, bodysuit, or crop top. Pairing a loose fitting top, with looser jeans might be one reason that many others are struggling so much with this trend. It’s just not flattering.

Moms have definitely understood the practical benefit of these jeans for decades. The loose fit is easy to move in, and comfortable for all day wear. I personally only wear mine with mules or sandals with just one strap near my toes so that my body doesn’t look shorter or cut off. 

Which denim style is your favorite? Have you tried them yet? Either way, I hope this post gives you the confidence you need to try these denim styles in 2022!

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