How To Make New Outfits With Clothes You Already Have

how to make new outfits out of old clothes

With fast fashion being a carbon footprint in society, it’s be a good idea to take a look at what you already have in your closet, and figure out how you can rework the pieces you already own into new outfits! Being sustainable in the fashion industry helps save the environment, creates fair wages, and helps you save some money too!

Many of the pieces in your wardrobe can look fresh and new again just depending on how they’re styled. It can be hard each season to feel like you need an entire new wardrobe, but being able to make your old clothes feel new again will make you feel like you have wardrobe! These changes can be minor, but make a huge difference. Check out a few different ways I use old clothes to make new outfits.


Turn a cardigan into a new sweater

how to make new outfits with clothes you already have

I started out by taking a shorter cardigan that’s been sitting in my closet that I don’t normally wear. 

how to rework old clothing

Instead of putting it on like normal, turn it around so that it’s on backwards.

how to style old clothes

Pull the ends so that they are criss-crossed.

old clothes new outfits

Bring the ends around the front and tuck them into the front of your jeans!

reworked clothing

This makes for a cute open criss-cross sweater across the back!

sustainable outfit ideas

and a batwing sleeve sweater look from the front. 

Layer up dresses

sustainable fashion ideas

Wear your favorite dresses all year long by layering them up to create new outfits.

how to wear dresses all winter

Take your favorite summer dress, and add a cute pair of boots. These can be booties, or knee high. Anything works.

how to reuse old clothing

Then grab an oversized sweater and sweatshirt and throw it on over top! I love that this creates a girly, boho look, but also so oversized, comfy and warm. I like to give me sweaters/sweatshirts shape with the dress by using a belt to help it stay up. With shorter dresses, I like to add tights underneath for warmth.

Take the basics and add on

make old clothes new again

Take that basic summer outfit, and wear it into the winter as well! Start out with your fave tank/bodysuit and grab a pair of jeans or leggings.

new outfit ideas with old clothing

Start adding layers with a cardigan. 

sustainable fashion ideas

Add even more layers to your basics by adding accessories such as a scarf, beanie, and more. I added a scarf and booties, and made my basic tank bodysuit and jeans into an entire outfit I have never paired together!

There you have it! 3 ways to make new outfits out of the clothes you already have! Which way is your favorite?

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