Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

It’s been a lot time coming, but I officially feel like my modern farmhouse kitchen makeover is almost complete since moving into our first home. Last year we completely flipped our kitchen for under $600 (check out that blog post here), and this year we are adding some of the finishing touches to refresh our modern rustic kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover On A Budget


One of the items we recently did to refresh our kitchen on a budget was add this beautiful bamboo shade from Home Depot. I’ve wanted to before we got married and had added it on our wedding registry but no bites. My mom surprised Nick and I for Christmas this year, and bought it for us! I was so surprised. 

The light in our kitchen especially with the location of the sun in the winter is blinding when I’m doing the dishes, unloading the dishwasher or cooking dinner. Not only was it to add texture, but more “color” and functionality. Check out this similar shade too with a lot more color options and choices.  


The other major upgrade we added which was also inexpensive was this gorgeous farmhouse sink faucet. These typically go for about $250, but I found the faucet, soap pump, and sink plate cover for around $110 on Amazon. We didn’t have a previous soap dispenser, and I’m so glad we finally added one.

There are around 11,000 5 star reviews, and so far the quality seems to be great! I really love the flexibility of movement to it, and it completely changes the vibe of our kitchen. Every farmhouse lovers’ dream!


These little Amber dispenser bottles are from Amazon, and were really affordable! I ordered these labels separately, and I like that they keep everything looks cohesive. The dish soap jar probably isn’t necessary anymore, but I really do love having some hand lotion nearby for after touching soapy water.


Those were just some of the newest upgrades we added to our kitchen already this year. We did also get this pendant light as a Christmas gift as well to add above the sink since we currently have no sort of ambiance lighting in our kitchen. I can’t wait to get it installed, and share how it turns out!

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