2021 Cold Weather Winter Fashion Trends

Cool and crisp weather has arrived, which means it’s time to officially break out the winter fashion! Fall fashion definitely has to my favorite, but there is something about winter fashion that I love in a weird way. Maybe it’s the cozy sweaters, or the fur lined everything… But there is definitely something everyone can rock!

Not sure where to begin? Here are some great ideas that will get you started on what to refresh your winter outfits and wardrobe with.

Winter Fashion Trends

Shackets/Dad Coats


It’s interesting to me that the jacket trends just keep getting thinner and thinner. The shacket trend started to gain some popularity last fall/winter, but this year we’ve seen a spike of them all over. You can’t walk into any retailer anymore without them offering multiple shacket options. 

It has the look of a flannel shirt, yet with a thicker button up jacket material, therefore combining the name into “shacket”. I absolutely love that these are more of a casual type of jacket, and can be worn just about anywhere. I’m wearing mine here with booties and jeans, but feel free to wear it over a workout set, or even sweatshirts and sweatpants for a street styled look.

Something I’ve noticed start to surge this year is the Dad Coat. It’s very similar to a shacket, yet has a longer length, and less buttons. Almost like a cloak for men. My red coat has the combination of the Dad Coat and shacket vibes. Most of the ones I’ve seen however typically come in a solid camel color. This is a trend I’d definitely keep on your radar for Fall/Winter 2022.

Chunky Scarves



I don’t think scarves are any winter fashion trend, that will ever go out of style, however, scarf trends are always ever-changing. It’s a crazy thought that something we once pinned an entire Pinterest board to could make our skin crawl just a few years later. This year you can definitely count on seeing tons of thick, fringe scarves as a cold weather go-to.

A scarf is a minimalist outfits’ favorite accessory. It’s one way to completely pull together a look, yet also highly functional for staying warm at the same time. I have 2 favorite ways I love to wear a scarf:

1. Simply wrap it around your neck but bring the other end to the front as well. I think this works best with more simple looks. 

2. Wrap it around my neck and toss it over the back of my shoulder to let it hang that way you can still see part of the outfit you want to showcase

Shearling Boots



When the temps drop, one way to make our outfits looks chic is by adding some shearling hiking boots. The lace up boot trend is constantly evolving, this year with sherpa underneath the laces and really chunky soles. 

I definitely recommend these for fashion wear only. They are not typically water/weather proof unless you are looking at a real pair of hiking boots. These sheepskin shoes are not only warm and cozy, but also give the ultimate style to your winter wardrobe adding a layered look. Make it more cozy by adding boot socks for a more layered look. Personally, my favorite thing to wear in the winter weather. 

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