Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas

With Covid-19 in full swing, I feel like I’ve completely lost track of where the days have gone! Can you believe Mother’s day is next weekend? Today I wanted to round up some of my favorite Mother’s day gift ideas. These items consist of things I have bought my mom in the past, and some things I have gotten for her this year starting with a few of my favorites!

I wanted to start out with my favorite gift, these stamped personalized farmhouse books. They have been my best selling item over the past month, and add a personal rustic touch to any space! I made some for my mom for Mother’s Day, and included her and her husbands name, as well as her fur babies! The shipping only took 3-5 days! Check out the ones I made for her and myself here and here.

Something I know my mom has also been wanting is a bath pillow! I found this one on Amazon for $28 and ships with prime. It looks so comfortable, I’m tempted to buy it for myself. Give her that relaxing oasis she needs!

A little bit more of a splurge, but highly recommend long lasting roses. I own some, and love having them around all the time, instead of spending money on flowers that die in 2 weeks. This set is under $50 and can last 1-3 years. There are many different roses to chose from on Amazon

This tiled monogram coffee mug has been super popular, and I’ve seen it floating around on Instagram quite a bit. I love that it looks unique and high end yet are is affordable at $12. Who doesn’t love adding another coffee mug to their collection? Also would be cute to stick some goodies/candy inside as a gift!

Lastly, how cute are these aztec slippers? I love how fluffy and cozy they look, and the design in the middle makes them so fun! They come in a few other colors and ship with prime

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Comment below and let me know!

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