COVID-19 Pandemic: 10 Things To Do To Stay Busy

About a week ago, I would have never imagined things would be the way they are right now. Within days, Disney World has closed, the NBA/March Madness has been cancelled, and now the state of Pennsylvania has officially been shut down. This past week has been filled with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty with actions to take moving forward. This is frantic time for all, and unfortunately none of us have ever been through something like this before to confidently know and understand how to move forward.

The Corona Virus is hugely impacting the lives of so many people physically, mentally, and financially.  As far as blogging goes, I have decided to stick to my true self sharing my love for clothing, sales, home decor, and lifestyle products, but gearing towards your needs all at the same time. I feel as though this is the best time for a comfortable, familiar, distraction, and a great time to get things done, and use it wisely. I want to use my platform to do something different coming in the next few weeks. I want to be of help in this time of need and try to be the best resource for your online shopping. I will continually be here to help you find the items you are in need of during this time, as well as sharing things of need and leisure to help pass the time.

Today I wanted to share some things to do to keep busy while you’re self quarantined at home for the next few weeks.



This is a great time to get that Spring cleaning done you’ve been dreading doing. Start early by going through your belongings and de-cluttering your space. I have added below some great products to use for organizing around the house! 


Now’s the time to learn a few new recipes or make that casserole you’ve been wanting to try. After stocking up on food, you should be ready to go! Youtube is a great place to learn new recipes.


Take a bath, get a massage from your significant other. Utilize face-masks, hair-masks and foot spas. Give yourself a manicure, and most importantly… Relax! Take this time as well to meditate, do yoga, and stretch your body. Listed some fun ideas and products below that will ship with Amazon Prime.


Slow down a bit. Take some time to escape reality and really dive into a good book. Make some coffee, and enjoy without any distractions. 


Try an at home Youtube video workout. There are so many ways to stay active without being in the gym. Get your body moving! 🙂


Probably the most popular choice. Catch up on that show you’re behind, watch your favorite series from beginning to end again, or start a new show! Luckily we have the privilege of so many streaming stations today there’s an endless amount of shows to watch. I polled on my Instagram stories what everyone’s favorite binge worthy shows were. Here were the responses I received as well and some great recommendations:

– Friends

– The Office

– That 70’s Show

– One Tree Hill

– The OC

– Sex Education

– Love is Blind

– This Is Us

– Handmaids Tail

– Killing Eve

– You

– Parks and Rec

– Unbelievable

– Gossip Girl

– Grey’s Anatomy

– Gilmore Gils

– New Girl

– Vampire Diaries

– Criminal Minds

– The Walking Dead

– Lost

– Breaking Bad


Again, there are tons of streaming services, and I know Nick and I have a few we just haven’t gotten the chance to watch yet! Make some popcorn with all the food you stocked up on 😉


I know you have one, or maybe you dream of having one!  I’m excited that this break will give me time to plan out more content and actually get ahead. I’m excited that this gives me the opportunity to truly share the items you might be in need of. Even if you aren’t a blogger, or don’t have a side hustle now could be the time to start one or a new hobby.


Let’s be real. This is something we can ALL work on. Never hurts to update and evolve yourself professionally. Potentially even apply to new jobs if you are temporarily out of work or looking for a change.


Create new vision boards via Pinterest. My wedding is about a year away, so this is the perfect time to re-vamp my boards, and actually have the time to search for ideas. Not only that, but pin ideas for many of the above ideas listed such as home organization, recipes, nail ideas and more. I could get lost for hours on Pinterest. I am also currently in the process of re-branding my entire account. Follow along with me here if interested to see what I share.

These next 6-8 weeks are going to be a wild ride, but we will make it through it. Let’s act in a way that we look back and realize how productive we were, and what we were able to achieve during such a tough time. Most importantly, let’s remember that we will get through this, and we are just as strong as God perceives us to be.

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