Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas With Plato’s Closet!

*Thank you to Plato’s Closet for sponsoring today’s post! All opinions are my own.*

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already 2 weeks away! Or just the fact that we are somehow already halfway through November. Time really does fly! 

When it comes to Fall fashion, it is by far my favorite! I absolutely love being able to wear cute skirts and sweaters one day, as well as cozy boots and scarves the next. It’s such a beautiful season to take a drive or a walk and really enjoy the foliage and scenery. 

Today I am partnering with Plato’s Closet styling 3 different dressy/casual Thanksgiving outfit ideas! I am sure you have a bunch of items in your closet than can be replicated, or I highly suggest always visiting your local Plato’s Closet to see what trendy pieces they currently have like I did! 

If you are unfamiliar with Plato’s Closet and how they operate their thrift stores, you can check out the last post I wrote with them here and how you can make money with them, and also buy cute clothes at the same time.



I absolutely love a good sweater/skirt combo, and this combo is no exception! This look is both casual and dressy at the same time, and perfect for that dinner that might not be super casual. The knee high boots I incorporated adds a bit of sophistication and it dresses it up a bit. They have a bit of a heel, but give me that extra volume I was looking for to elevate the outfit. Plus, they will keep my legs warm instead of regular booties!!

I absolutely love that I was able to find a tweed skirt too! These are such a hot trend right now, and as soon as I saw it, I grabbed it right away. Plaid is a classic print for fall, so you can’t go wrong with that! Even if you don’t own a plaid/tweed skirt, corduroy would work just as well, or tbh any skirt in my opinion! Add some tights underneath if you’re not comfortable showing some skin during the colder months.

And then of course I needed to find something to tuck into the skirt. I found this adorable mock sweater while browsing the racks and just couldn’t say no to this great neutral! Mock neck sweaters are great closet staple for the fall, go with anything, and never go out of style. *snatched!*

Sweater: Abecrombie – $14
Skirt: Talbots – $12
Boots: n/a – $14



This look is a slight step down from the last one when it comes to how “casual” it is. I used the exact same boots to once again dress up the outfit, yet added comfortable closet staple pieces to take it down a notch for those dinners that you still want to look slightly dressed up and cute, but don’t have to be.

Eyelash sweaters are a huge hit for the Fall and Winter with how soft they are, and how warm they keep you! They have wispy strands that almost look very furry. I especially love the cozy material for its ability to jazz up the most basic outfit. I originally had this sweater in a dark gray color from Francesca’s that I bought 2 years ago in store. When I was shopping through the sweater racks and found the exact same cardigan that I loved so much in a light gray, I had to add it to my basket.

My high rise dark wash jeans were a great find because I can wear them with any outfit! Super affordable for a good pair of jeans, too! I personally love dark wash jeans because they truly go with any outfit over medium wash or light wash. They added the perfect amount of contrast to my outfit against the sweater.

I always get asked the question about what to wear under cardigans during the winter. My first answer is always a basic long sleeve turtleneck tee. One of my favorite closet staples in my opinion! They go with any sweater and keep your neck warm at the same time. I already had one in my currently wardrobe but picked this one up, because you can never go wrong with different textures. I chose the color black so that it contrasted against the sweater, yet also matched my otk boots.

Lastly, I added my own personal belt to complete the look. You can easily chose any fun, large buckled belt to get the same idea!

Cardigan: Francesca’s – $14
Turtleneck tee: n/a – $6
Jeans: Hollister – $18
Boots: n/a – $14



The last outfit I put together is definitely the most casual of them all, but also the coziest! A lot of your girls mentioned you were looking for very casual looks when I asked on stories last week, so this one is for you!

Let me start this outfit off by talking about these boots!! Oh my goodness you guys, I nearly gasped when I saw these NTW boots just siting in the size 8 shelf! Combat/hiking boots are a classic winter boot, and I love that it’s been a huge trend to find them with fur around the top. They really tone down an outfit, and give off ALL the cozy, casual vibes. Great for dressing down any outfit. I remember wanted this pair from Express so bad last year around Christmas time, but they were too expensive for me. Now they’re mine, and I’ve worn them a whole bunch of times since I got them!

I also want to mention how I found this scarf from Aerie that was being sold last Christmas as well! Scarves are such an essential pieces for the Fall and Winter. They are cozy, and add that cute flare to any outfit. Love that they dress up even the most basic tee. I especially love this one because it was constructed with plush fabric, and also has some great holiday colors in plaid form.

My mock neck thin sweater was also a classic find! It’ s a great basic because you can wear whatever you want with it. I dressed mine up with a scarf, but you could also pair it with a long necklace, a coat, or a cardigan on top. It was long enough that it would be great with leggings too!

The jeans are the same from the previous outfit.

Mock neck sweater: Forever 21 – $8
Scarf: Aerie – $6
Boots: Express – $14
Jeans: Hollister – $18


I am so happy with all of these trendy finds at my local Plato’s Closet! I honestly just shop there so much, which is how I typically find some very trendy, NWT pieces before someone else does. LOL.

 I hope you girls found some great thanksgiving outfit inspo from today’s post, and I absolutely loved being able to share some ideas with you! Be sure to head over to your local Plato’s Closet for affordable fashion, and trendy pieces at low prices! As always, thanks for reading!

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