YOTEL NEW YORK: The Coolest Place To Stay in Manhattan!

Hello, and happy Tuesday! 

As you know, Nick and I spent this past weekend in NYC and got engaged! We were privileged enough to stay at the futuristic, high end, YOTEL NY. 

I was lucky enough to be able to partner with them and happy to share my review with y’all! I received so many questions through DM’s so hopefully this review answers anything you may have been curious about.

(Photo credit: YOTEL)

Touch screen self check-in kiosks greet you when you first step inside the automatic revolving door. These are great because they allow less of a wait, and are extremely fast and simple to use. They even print your keys for you!

To the opposite side of the check-in kiosks when you first walk in the lobby is YOBOT. A robot that happens to store your luggage if you arrive before check-in time! We were so glad this existed because we had such large heavy bags, and did not have to carry them around with us all day! That would have been awful. 

In the lobby between the check-in kiosks and YOBOT, you will find these beautifuly lit and modern elevators that only take you to the 4th floor. (Where the real humans are at if you need assistance) Once you’re on the 4th floor, you are able to head to any other level floor you need to get to.

View from the 4th floor. 

Once you get to the 4th floor you are in a large common area consisting of 3 restaurants, lounges, a large outdoor terrace, a bar, and hotel workers. 


The second you walk in, you feel as through you are in a modern and futuristic escape. This hotel was inspired by aircrafts and gives you a luxurious feel and experience. Can’t lie, but it definitely had the comfiest hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. YOTEL is truly designed around you.


This hotel could not be placed in such a better location! It’s located within a short 15 minute walk to Times Square, Broadway, Parks and Piers. On the West side of NY, it is only few blocks off the Hudson River. 


We stayed on the 22nd floor and my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the view from our clean, fresh, white room. 

(photo credit: YOTEL)

I stayed in a Premium Queen Cabin With A View. Their hotel cabins are designed and inspired by a luxury aircraft. One of the nicest features about the room was definitely the view. Nothing beats waking up in a hotel room with a gorgeous view.

One of the other greatest features of the room is definitely the smart bed which easily moves up and down and converts into a couch. As I said before, it was the comfiest hotel bed I’ve ever slept in! In front of the smart bed there’s also a nice flat screen TV on the wall!

The next best thing I’d love to talk about in this room was the shower. You will find the entire bathroom right besides the bed and in front of the window. There’s even a towel warmer! 🙂 It was a gorgeous walk in, with a rain head coming out of the ceiling. I knew when I was there that first night I would be using it. I specifically enjoyed that it was right next to the window, and that the shower was out in the open in the room with floor to ceiling glass. I like feeling that freedom.

Overall, the entire room features adjustable colored lights that glow the room throughout the day and night, and looks super cool! 


Yotel NY has a combination of common areas and restaurants. 

Green Fig is a restaurant located on the 4th floor with varieties such as Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. This eatery offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Terrace is an outdoor lounge and eatery located on the 4th floor. Perfect for meals on couches, and cocktails at night! Serves breakfast lunch and dinner.

Komuniti is a very cafe like and located on the 4th floor. It’s a very grab and go type of place that serves coffee and pastries, and allows a lounge space to hang out. 

Green Room 42 is a lounge club that offers entertainment most nights. They offer a full food and drink menu. (Unfortunately I did not get a photo of this one, sorry!)


Overall, I totally fell in love with this hotel, and the staff was so nice and accommodating! We had absolutely no issues and it was the perfect place to stay during our trip. 

The best part is that is is extremely affordable, and you won’t break the bank staying here! Nick and I felt it was an amazing value for everything offered. I will definitely be staying here the next time I visit the city, and I highly recommend YOTEL New York. 

*Huge thank you to YOTEL for accommodating my stay. As always, all opinions are my own.*

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