How To Easily Afford Designer Items And Not Feel Guilty!

*Thank you to Reel for sponsoring todays post! All opinions are my own.*

Hey girls! So you’re here because you’re interested in finding out how I am able to afford designer items, and not break the bank? I am so excited today to be talking about Reel to share with you how to save for, and shop for your favorite things! I even have an exclusive discount at the end for you to receive $15 towards your first Reel purchase!

You girls know how much I love my designer pieces, but spending hundreds or even a thousands of dollars at a time not ideal. Owning something luxurious most of the time only seems like something we can attain within our wildest dreams.

Reel is a company all about “guilt free shopping” that helps you save up for the things you love. They believe that you do not need to go into debt to achieve your aspirations. They allow you to save up for the items gradually either with daily or monthly savings plans. Seems too good to be true right? There’s seriously no catch!

So how does it work? 
3 easy steps!

First, you search their site for the item/items you are looking for. They carry items anywhere from clothing and accessories, to furniture and home decor.

Second, is where you begin to Reel the item in! Select the item, and pick how much you want to start putting aside daily or weekly. You just need to link your bank account, those daily and weekly contributions will start to come out whenever you tell them to.

Lastly… The fun part! Own it! Once you’ve saved the full amount, the items get shipped and delivered straight to your door! All items are completely authentic, are brand new, and never used!

Whenever your items finally arrive, you’ll know that you have no buyers remorse because it was something well earned, and saved for! You totally deserve it, gf!

I’m currently starting to save for a pink belt and only going to be putting away $20 per week. The website gives you the time frame of when you will have the item by depending on how you create your savings plan! If I start right now by putting away that $20 per week, the belt will be mine by January!

Buying these pieces on Reel makes the purchase so easy since there is very little commitment, and it’ll be here in no time! Good news too! The shipping speed is pretty quick and takes only roughly a few days. (yay!)

If at any moment you want to stop contributing and take a break, you can easily pause your Reel. Money will not be automatically deducted until you decided to resume 🙂

Still too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so too.

I am so incredibly happy I found out about Reel, and was able to share the same knowledge with you guys that I have been keeping a secret!! (ahhh, I’m sorry!)

Reel was very kind to gave me a code for a $15 credit towards your first Reel. Use code
C-SERENA2019″ to get that credit towards your first Reel!

In the future, I can’t wait to buy other items from Reel, and start saving for more goodies! If you have any questions about the program or their site please feel free to email me, or reach out through Insta DM’s 🙂

Happy Reeling!

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