What You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (2019) PLUS PREVIEWS!!

GUYS! I am so excited because the biggest sale of the year is literally NEXT WEEK! Like I’m talking bigger than black Friday sales HUGE. I wanted to be able to give you all the best of the best information on the sale and how you can be prepared, so I wrote this blog post and hope y’all are ready for the next few weeks!

So what exactly is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and why is it so big? 
So basically BRAND NEW fall merchandise is is released and discounted majorly before the season even starts. PLUS, they even put tons of designer handbags and shoes on sale, which NEVER happens. It truly is like Christmas in July!

Is the sale worth shopping?
Nordstrom is a huge trendsetter for the fall season with this sale, and then many retailers then follow the trends. Basically if you see something you think you’ll wear in October, grab it now in July when it’s much cheaper. After the sale, all prices go up to full price. Literally I’ve seen $150 pieces down to like $49 the day they launch!!

When is the sale?
The sale technically runs from July 12th 12:30PM EST- Aug 4th 11:59PM EST. Here’s where the “technically” comes into play… You can only shop the sale with early access from July 12th through the 19th only if you are a Nordstrom card holder. On July 19th the sale opens up to the general public. Below are all the dates in order (Basically the only important dates are the 12th and the 19th)

How do I get early access?
The Nordstrom card is the key! All you have to to is apply for the FREE credit card HERE.  Last year I made sure to get a card just so I could shop the sale early, and boy am I glad I did it. Not only just for the sale, but having a Nordstrom card also enables you to receive Nordstrom Notes (basically coupons/cash towards future purchases throughout the year).

Is early access worth it?
Having the card is extremely crucial for the sale because stuff always sells out within the first few days. Last year, there were a ton of items that were never even restocked unless it as returned. Honestly, the sale is the only reason I have the card lol. Also, this year if you sign up now they are giving you a $60 Nordstrom note that you can use on any purchase!

How can I make sure to give your credit for my purchase?
I spend so much time finding the best, quality pieces, sharing try-ons, and putting together collages of items for you guys during this sale. I stay up countless hours writing blog posts, and putting content together to try to give you the best of the best.

With that being said, the only way I receive credit from your purchases is if you purchase through my links. I cannot express how thankful I am to those who do use my links. I make a small amount of commission, but it definitely adds eventually. (kind of like when you count all your lose change in a piggy bank!)

To make sure I get credit for your purchases, there are several ways you can shop my links! :

1) THE LIKE.TO.KNOW.IT APP – Make sure to download the FREE app and then follow me SERENAAJOYCE. This app is just awesome because you can shop tons of influencers and bloggers outfits by following them. Even if you don’t want to shop a certain blogger, the app is just great for shopping in general. If you’re looking for a specific item all you need to do is search (white blouse), and you’ll see it pop up from hundreds of bloggers!

Anyways, I will be posting tons of collages broken down by category such as sweaters, shoes, home, etc. If you don’t want to use this app you can… (see below)

2) MY BLOG (serenaajoyce.com)- All Nordstrom Sale picks will be able to be found under the ‘SHOP’ tab! I am making sure I dedicate an entire page for all my sale finds that you will be able to shop so easily. I will be organizing everything by category as well.

So let me help you by being the gal you want to go to for all the NSALE finds this year! I am going to be putting in a huge amount of effort and countless hours into this sale it would mean everything to me for you to shop through my links so I can continue to do what I love.

Please feel free to ask me any questions via DM or email that you may have about the sale, and happy shopping!

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Nordstrom just updated their site with some of the new arrivals going to be shown during the sale! Here is a sneak peak of what is to come this coming Friday during early access 7/12 @ 12:30PM EST! (Some of my faves already!)

I will be covering, sweaters, shoes, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, accessories, bags, blouses, bottoms, lounge basics and home this year. This is making me so excited! What are you most looking forward to snagging?

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