Crushing On Lilac

Pastels are really in this year for Spring. I feel like you probably hear that just about every year, but I’m really not kidding this time. One of the gorgeous pastels I am loving the most has got to be the lilac/lavender color that I am already seeing everywhere!

Purple is a lush color that stands for wealth and royalty and is also associated with serenity and relaxation. The soft, but strong color is has a sense of power and will be sure to dominate in the upcoming seasons.

It pairs beautifully with softer yellows, and baby blue tones for the perfect color combination. Hint hint: those two colors are extremely in as well.

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite lilac finds with y’all below 🙂

1. V-neck thermal: I actually own this versatile thermal in the dark gray color and love it! I highly suggest sizing down 1 or 2 because of how oversized it actually is. I am now a size M and have the size M from when I was heavier, and now it is just too big for me I currently can’t wear it. However, good news… It’s on sale 🙂

2. Layered thermal: Another awesome Free People piece! Most of the things I end up buying from Free People are always thermals. I just truly love the quality and fit of them. This one is super great for layering with cardigans, jackets, or even wearing with sweats. Another good one, on sale!

3. Earrings: I love a good tassel earring. Honestly, the only type of earrings I wear are statement earrings, and these cuties are a must! I love that there are so many shapes and different textures going on here, and the color is for sure a huge plus! Definitely don’t have any earrings in this color. Currently adding these to my wishlist as we speak.

4. Knit sweater: If you’re looking for a good sweater that’s on budget, this one is definitely for you! Under $25, super cute, and super simple. You’ll fit right into the trend.

5. Lavender Candle: We have this candle at Francesca’s and it is just lovely! It is filled with scents of lavender, moss, geranium, cedar wood, and patchouli. Ships free to store!

6. Chunky sweater: I’ve been dying for this sweater in every color. I just absolutely love the fit and feel to it. When I saw it in lilac I knew I just had to have it. Super flattering and cozy on! I see it on so many bloggers it’s cray. Perfect winter piece. You can also use code “FIRST10” for 10% off.

7. Scrunchies: I cannot believe these things are back! I would have never guessed this trend from the 90’s would be a thing again. We have so many young girls coming into work looking for these, and they sell out so quick every time we have them. I loved these because of all the gorgeous tones, and plus they’re satin and under $10!

8. Cropped Turtleneck: If you’re the girl who loves things just a little bit shorter than this one would be perfect for you! Gimme me all the 90’s vibes once again.

9. Boat Neck Sweater: I can’t say enough about this sweater! They definitely run very oversized so I suggest sizing down. However, I do love this sweater so much that I own it in all 4 colors. Don’t judge.

10. Lace Midi Dress: Can’t get over how stunning this dress is for any special occasion. Makes for the perfect wedding guest dress, or any upcoming shower event dress. Comes in a few other colors yet as well 🙂

11. Eyelet Jumpsuit: I love a good comfy jumpsuit, and this one does not disappoint! Has such pretty eyelet/lace detail, a flattering overlay of fabric, and a synched waist for show off your figure. Another great, but more casual occasion piece.

12. Pointelle Sweater: Has a pretty delicate pointelle pattern, a scalloped ruffle trim. Makes for a cute, yet cozy sweater piece this spring.

There ya have it! My favorite fun and cute lilac pieces I am loving so far this spring! There are tons more out there I adore as well, but I wouldn’t be able to fit them all into one post (; So maybe I will make a part 2 at some point! But for now, happy shopping 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe below!

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