Your Guide To Holiday Attire AND Rent the Runway

Today on Serenaa Joyce I’m rounding up some of my favorite holiday pieces out there from all your favorite retailers. These pieces include, tops, skirts, pants, dresses and rompers! This time of the year is my favorite especially because it’s perfectly okay to get dresses up for no reason, hehe!

I recently partnered with Rent the Runway after receiving my Influence Her Collective Winter Essentials box! I’m going to start this post out today showing you some of the holiday looks I received from them. You can view that post here.

For those of you who don’t know what Rent the Runway is, they are a company that enables you to receive designer styles on a college budget for what you need, and then return it or purchase it if you really love the items! You know you’ll probably never wear the outfit again once your outfit is on Instagram, so rent it, right? 

I’ve always wanted to try them out, but never really understand how to use the platform. I decided to put my big girl panties on, and now I’m literally obsessed! My order literally came to my doorstep the next day.

They had sent me a free month of their Unlimited subscription service, which allows you to rent as many as four items at a time. You can cycle through as many outfits as you can stand for a flat fee of $139 (or $30 off for first time customers). As an added bonus, they dry clean everything for you too! This service is great for people with office jobs too!

ANYWAYS, let’s get to the fun stuff! 

I decided to use my Unlimited service to my advantage as it is December, and ordered lots of great holiday looks to share with y’all. 

The first holiday look I wanted to share is this gorgeous ombre sequin dress! Out of all my Rent the Runway pieces I ordered this was the first I tried on, and I was in awe by the way I looked! Not sure if it was just because I’m down 30 pounds and it was a bodycon dress, but overall, sequins are totally the way to go! You’ll be sure to shine at your next holiday event in this one! 

The sexiest piece about this dress for me was the one shoulder! I felt like this added the perfect touch, and and I love anything where I get to at least show some shoulder 😉 The dress fit tight, but all in all true to size. If you’re wider from the front, I would probably suggest sizing up. But the zipper went up pretty nicely for me, and the item had no damages on it either! 

The next piece I tried on was ended up being my absolute favorite piece, which was this black romper! I posted it on Instagram the other day and everyone seemed to go crazy over this and actually also thought it was a dress! But even better… like I said, it’s a ROMPER!! So much comfier than a dress, and more room for flexibility.

This romper features a gorgeous cross-front detail which gives great coverage over the bust, unless you want to move it around a little bit to show some cleavage.  The waist has a large thick band wrapped around it which is SO flattering for the body and makes your waist look smaller and hips look curvier which was PERFECT for my body. This romper was made to perfection y’all! I’m so tempted to actually buy it because of how it made me feel.

Perfect for just about any occasion really! I think it would even be a cute birthday/club outfit too when it’s not around the holidays.

I’ve been wanting a teddy bear coat pretty badly, so I just had to try this one. Working in Francesca’s boutiques, I get a lot of questions from customers asking me what I would wear over a dress if I were going to a holiday party. I ALWAYS suggest a teddy coat, or any fluffy coat! I just love how fabulous these things make you look! LOL.

I ordered a large in this coat because medium was unavailable at the time. Although it ended up being oversized I still think it gave the look that “umph” that it needed. It was super soft, had the sherpa material, and had nice zipper pockets, and a zipper up the front if it got chilly! I need to definitely get me a teddy coat.

Lastly, I ordered this stunning jumpsuit from RTR as well. I love wearing red in the holiday season, I just need more of it! I had shown this one on my Instagram stories a few days ago as well, and this one ended up being most of your favorite from the try on sesh! I seriously couldn’t get over how much of a goddess I felt and like a queen. ‘

The hanging ruffled bodice, and the off the shoulder sleeves are always a win for me. I feel like something like this always compliments my body shape so well!

There is no synched waist, but the thickness of the material of the jumpsuit can flatter just about any body. SUCH a good choice!



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