Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Her

December is officially in full swing, and let’s get ready for the big jolly man! Anyways, I had a poll on my stories a few days ago and you wanted to see my stocking stuffer gift guide first before a holiday home decor post, so today I’m sharing with y’all some of the cutest stocking stuffers! All are under $50 too! Some of these I would love to even receive as well 🙂

This is the time of year where many friends, companies, and families like to participate in Secret Santas or White Elephant activities. Working at Francesca’s now I’ve had so many different women come in asking for gift ideas, or that they were participating in these types of activities. For this gift guide, I got a lot of my inspiration from items sold in our stores or items I personally like to recommend, so I hope you find the perfect fit for one of these gifts!

I will talk slightly in depth about each item, and the order will run in numerical order.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? – It’s the funniest party game ever! If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity you’ll love this one. It’s the same exact concept, except you’re matching cards to best fit meme photos. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. Love playing this game with Nick’s family drinking around the table and eating some pizza 🙂

FAUX FUR EARMUFF – An adorable accessory for cold winter days! These will make her outfit fun, yet stay functional by keeping her ears warm. Love a good functional fashion accessory! I need a pair of these because my ears are always sooo cold when I’m out and about. 

MAGNOLIA HOMEBODY BOOK – We all have an inner Joanna Gaines in us… Or at least we wish we do haha. I feel like most women are slightly obsessed with her, and everyone secretly wants to read her book, right? I don’t think I would pay $30 to get it for myself, but Iwould 100% spend that money for one of my gal pals. I had a customer come in the other day and she never even thought of something like this, until she saw it on our gift table in store. So thank you to the customer I had who inspired me to add this to my gift guide, haha!

BUTTER SOCKS – Who doesn’t love socks as a gift? A pair of festive cozy socks makes feet happy in a soft, fuzzy, chenille yarn.

WINO CHIP CLIPS – For the wine lover! Life is too short to have boring chip clips! These adorable chip clips all have cute wine puns written on them. I saw these were available last year and I immediately texted my mother to add these to my Christmas list. Ugh, adulting at it’s finest. 

TASSEL TEA TOWEL – A perfect gift for any host, or a new homeowner in your life! I don’t know about you but I buy new dish towels all the time. I love having them match the seasons, and plus they get so dirty easily, I always like to have extras around. It was so hard to pick just one tea towel, but I liked this one because I thought it was a good price, and festive for the season.

MANICURE KIT – We all have emergencies sometimes. Keep this manicure essentials kit right at your fingertips in pocket or purse for any time nails require a quick fix. Fast relief for chips and breaks anytime, anywhere.

CELL PHONE SELFIE LIGHT – Girls take wayyyy too many selfies lol. It’s always hard for me to get the perfect lighting sometimes depending on where I am, and with this selfie light that just clips right onto your phone it will be easy to get that picture perfect lighting. 

VELVET SCRUNCHIE SET – I feel like this is one of the trendiest accessories out there right now. At Fran we have so many moms and girls coming into look for these. They have the prettiest colors, tones and finishes. These come in satins, velvet, and metallic so you have something for just about any occasion. 

DEER EYE MASK – Possibly for the girl who likes to travel or just likes her beauty sleep, this adorable deer eye mask let’s you do it in style. I know personally I would never be able to sleep with anything on my face, but this is just so cute I feel a desire to really need it, haha. 

OPAL POP SOCKET – Let’s just be real. I don’t even know how to hold a phone anymore without one of these. If she doesn’t already have a pop socket, her world will probably be changed upside down haha. It will improve her selfie game, and hold her phone with ease feeling like she won’t drop it. You can also bend it that you can watch movies on your phone, and then when you’re done just collaps it back so it’s flat!

SCUFF SLIPPERS – This slipper keeps her in style, and keeps her feet cozy and warm. Love me a little sparkle too! 

So which stocking stuffer idea is your favorite? Or what are you getting that stocking you need to fill? Let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading! 

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