Holiday Gift Guide: For The Bestie or Sister!

*Some of the items featured from this gift guide*
Woohoo! We’ve officially completed the first week of November, and I’m feeling the Christmas spirit pretty early this year. I know a lot of people aren’t ready yet to put up their tree, or even start thinking of Christmas, but I want to start putting some fun gift guides up here so you all can start shopping NOW! It wouldn’t make sense for me to put gift guides up in the middle of the holiday season when y’all are already doing your shopping! Am I making sense?

This year I am starting off with my first gift guide… For the bestie/sister. I didn’t really think all the items I picked out felt like they could be for your mom, or grandmother, so I decided to mainly have it for the bestie! Of course some of these items I would also buy for my sister, so that works perfect too 🙂

I’ve talked a little bit more in depth about each item below as well, and also have the direct link to each product in PINK that you can click on! The order will go from left to right starting up at the top. *The above photo as well features a few of the items from the gift guide* ^^

*Also, if you have any specific gift guides you would like to see below, please leave a comment!* Also don’t forget to subscribe! hehe.

CABLE KNIT POM POM SOCKS: These just scream Christmas to me! l Although there’s no red or green in them, they are just the coziest looking socks, and I would love to snuggle up next to a fire with them. I love the cable knit detail, and how fun are those pom poms?!

COPPER/MARBLE CUTTING BOARD: Absolutely love the rose gold feminine touch on this board for any girl in your life! I also love that there’s marble detailing as well. This would make any cutting experience just fun! My sister just moved into her own place, so this would be perfect.

SWEATER WEATHER MUG: I’ve been eyeing this up. What girl doesn’t love a good holiday mug?! And this one has the cutest lil wintry camel on it. Ugh, so cute. I want it for myself.

CABLE KNIT BEANIE: Okay, if you’ve been following me lately, you know I’m all about the beanies! They’ll make any outfit she wears look cozy, and this pink is just the cutest color for her!

IRIDESCENT CHAMPAGNE FLUTE: Oh em gee. How fun is this for her for New Years, or just to sip any drink in?! There’s a lot of champagne flutes out there, but I loved the unique colors and iridescence of this one. MUST HAVE.

STILA LIQUID EYESHADOW: I am a sucker for these eyeshadows. They add a beautiful layer of glitter and sparkles to your eyelids, and make your eyes shimmer like I have never seen before. I have a rose gold colored one myself, and I absolutely wear it every time I go to a bar, no matter what time of year. Imagine her wearing one of these for when you girl go out on NYE!

TRUFFLE BATH BOMBS: I think this is one of my favorite items on this gift guide. I promise they’re not candy haha! These are BATH BOMBS!! Normally I love going to Lush for a good bath bomb gift set, but this twist on them I thought was perfect and fun. I would love to see how they turn out in the tub. I’ve really been eyeing these up for both my mother and sister. *shhhh*

MERRY SEQUIN PILLOW: This is an item that can be gifted to many girls out there! You can never have too many pillows! Also perfect for the girl who just got her own place.

SNAP UP FLEECE: Do you have that friend who just loves comfy/workout clothes? This is the pullover for her. Also I’m sure she’s seen it on a ton of other bloggers and wants it for herself now! It’s the softest fleece material,  and has snap up detail around the neckline which I love! I purchased this one in the pink for myself because I’m obsessed with it. It comes in 5 other colors, and she will be sure to love it.

CHAMPAGNE WRISTLET: Champagne, Kate Spade, Pink, and a bag? What more could a girl want. Seriously? PLUS, it’s well under $100!!!

COZY LOUNGE JOGGER: These are some of the coziest joggers I’ve ever owned! They come in 3 other colors as well, and I thought the light gray would go with everything. Who doesn’t want to be cozy and comfy?!

FAUX FUR SLIPPERS: I think I’m going to be living in these, these next few months! Although they are sandal slippers, they definitely keep my feet warm! Plus, they’re SO soft.

I hope at least one of these will suit your bestie well! Thanks for reading, and as always… Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

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