How To Elevate Your White Plain T-shirt for Fall

Happy Monday!! So I wanted to inform you all, if you haven’t seen my 3rd most recent Instagram post, I am going to be re-branding this blog. This post is actually on my new blog which you are on now, however it is not finished yet! I have added new features, a new layout, and made it more  aesthetically pleasing. The rest of these changes should be happening hopefully within the next 10-14 days. I am super excited about this and hope you are too!

Today, I am going to be talking about dressing up that white plain t-shirt in your closet that you might not know what to do with. Looks made out of statement pieces sure do take the spotlight, however, it’s also how you achieve an effortlessly chic look with everyday basics that can win the show as well. I am going to show you how to do this Fall style! Could you wear a basic tee everyday and get sick of it? Sure. But you can wear a tshirt everyday without it being repetitive, you’ll just need some inspiration. 

I chose to style my basic white tee from American Eagle with comfy, yet cute classics. I absolutely love this one because of the adorable pocket detail. It just adds a little extra flare to something so basic. The best part about this tee is the material it’s made from. If you’re not familiar with American Eagle’s soft and sexy collection, then you need to be! It is one of the most flattering materials I have ever worn and the comfiest. That is exactly what this tee is. I also loved that it had a v-neck line, instead of a scoop neck. Target also has another great similar option here. 

So to elevate this t-shirt even more, I added a super warm and cozy cardigan. I am a SUCKER for these as most of the time I am wearing loungewear around the house. This cardigan is from Nordstrom, and although it is slightly pricier, I 100% recommend it. The high quality material, cable-knit detail, thickness, comfort and warmth it brings to the table cannot be beat. It also comes in 6 other colors as well. I am DYING to get it in the pink as well. I’m hoping for Christmas it can be something I add to my wardrobe, haha!

The next step I took was adding this warm and cozy scarf from Reddress Boutique. I absolutely loved the warm brown and red tones for Fall, and of course I love a good blanket scarf! It’s super soft and warm, and that’s really all I need. Adding the scarf to this outfit is what elevates it the most in my opinion. The cardigan really helped, but the scarf is adding that extra layer, and in this case more color. It makes the outfit look much more fashionable, and you barely even know you’re wearing that white tee underneath!

I could have styled this look with black denim, but instead I went with these comfy cotton leggings from Target. They’re cheap, thicker than most leggings, and most importantly comfortable! 

Lastly, I chose to style the look with over the knee boots. These boots are from Reddress Boutique as well, and I can’t say enough about them! They offer these boots in 3-4 other colors, and are such a great price totaling in under $50 with shipping! I loved the string detail in the back, and the best part is they don’t fall down. I was so sick of buying boots I then realized would sink as I was walking or even just sitting down when wearing them. I chose to style the look with over the knee boots because the top of my outfit is more top heavy, and I wanted to balance the look out by adding heaver taller shoes on the bottom.

So there you have it! How to elevate that basic white tee sitting in your closet. Of course you don’t have to style it this exact way every time. You can easily use other cardigans in different colors and designs. Use chunky knit infinity scarves if you want as well, or heck don’t use a scarf at all! This is just my suggestion, and I wanted to use some of my favorite fall pieces I thought y’all would love. Thanks for reading! 


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